Prime Day!

First of all, if you don’t have Amazon Prime, what are you waiting for? I honestly don’t know what I did before Prime. It is so nice with our hectic lives to just get things delivered in two days, let alone the subscribe & save discounts on diapers, snacks, etc. We also love Prime Video! Click here for a free Prime trial to enjoy Prime Day and all of our other favorite benefits.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room: Amazon totally dropped the ball on having their site working today. So, *if* you are able to get through to Amazon, I wanted to share some of my favorite Prime Day specials.  If you click through on any of my links, I may receive a small commission, so thanks in advance for your support 🙂

Before I launch into today’s deals, I wanted to share about our new bedsheets. I came across these sheets from another Instagrammer and they. are. amazing. The best part is they are only $25!!! They have a zillion great reviews on Amazon, and so far we have loved them!!

Okay, here are some 2018 Prime Day Deals!

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Bumpdate #1

I’m hoping to post updates every few weeks of how the pregnancy is going. I want to be open and share my experiences, and I also want to use this as a journal to remember the pregnancy. Pregnancy (and even once the baby arrives) literally FLIES by, and without writing things down, everything blends together and it’s impossible to remember how things were at certain points in time. Here is my first update, which encompasses everything about this pregnancy so far!

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Gluten Free in the Outer Banks

Earlier this summer, I spent a week in the Outer Banks with my husband’s family.  It was my second time there, and the food scene does not disappoint. Any time I am travelling, I always do lots of research to find the best gluten free places to try while I am there.  For this trip, I had a couple places from our visit two years ago that I wanted to try again, but I was also determined to find new places.  We stayed in Corolla, but ventured all the way south to Nags Head, and found places in each little town.

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Whole Pork Loin

During a recent trip to Costco, I came upon the deal of the century on whole pork loin.  I Their pork loin is usually a great deal ($1.99/lb), but on this particular day, they had an additional $8 instant rebate!  Therefore, this nearly 8 lb pork loin was just under $8. I usually just buy pork tenderloin at Trader Joes, but at this price, I figured I would give this cut a try.  I did a little research and realized I could butcher the piece of meat pretty easily to make a few meals.  I found inspiration for this here.

I decided to make two roasts and eight boneless pork chops out of the whole loin.


So far, I used the first roast to make the Carnitas from Against All Grain’s Celebrations Cookbook and they. were. delicious.  I highly recommend the recipe, but most importantly, I recommend giving the Costco pork loin a try.  If you have suggestions for the other roast or the pork chop, let me know 🙂