Gluten Free in the Outer Banks

Earlier this summer, I spent a week in the Outer Banks with my husband’s family.  It was my second time there, and the food scene does not disappoint. Any time I am travelling, I always do lots of research to find the best gluten free places to try while I am there.  For this trip, I had a couple places from our visit two years ago that I wanted to try again, but I was also determined to find new places.  We stayed in Corolla, but ventured all the way south to Nags Head, and found places in each little town.

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Intro to Baby Led Weaning

When Charlotte was born, the last thing on my mind was how we would make the transition to solid food. I knew I wanted to make a lot of her food myself, but my thoughts ended there. So when a good friend of mine asked if we were going to do purees or baby led weaning, I was perplexed…. to start with, I had never even heard of “baby led weaning.” Thankfully, Charlotte was only a couple months old at this point, so I had plenty of time to read up on my options.

What is “Baby Led Weaning?” I started my research by reading some blog posts and reaching out to friends on Facebook to get a sense if anyone had experience with this way of introducing solids. I also borrowed the Baby Led Weaning book from a friend and my husband and I both spent time with it. After we both read up this method, we were convinced we wanted to try it with our little lady. I highly encourage getting the book (and the cookbook by the same authors), but here are some other tips and resources to get your started!  I will do most posts in the future as we continue our journey.

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My Favorite Kitchen Tools

One thing that struck me as I started to cook more was the necessity of good quality tools in the kitchen. While there are certainly many fun “gadgets,”  depending on the space you have, I would focus on quality over quantity.  Find items that can serve many purposes rather than items that are only good for one use.  Here are some products that I can’t live without:

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