Establishing Baby’s Daytime Routine

From the early weeks of having Charlotte, I did sooo much Googling and blog reading on baby schedules/routines/sleep/etc. I had no idea if or when to try to establish a schedule. I saw so many mamas’ stories of young babies being on these awesome routines, so I felt pressure to do the same. Thankfully, after doing all the aforementioned Googling, I found plenty of mamas who said “wait until baby is older” and “don’t let a schedule mess up breastfeeding – feed on demand” which were two bits of advice I was happy to take! Furthermore, as much as I craved some sort of routine, I did not want to be married to a set time or schedule she (and therefore we) had to do things. It came down to this: I wanted to give our sweet girl some routine and order to her new little life, but I¬†still wanted us to have a life too.

We slowly found our groove, so I wanted to share what worked for us. As with any baby advice, I share this only in case it might help other mamas and with the huge caveat that every baby is so different and I firmly believe that every mama knows best for her baby.

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