True Story: Up until this year I didn’t really wear “makeup”. Sure I usually put on mascara, but my routine stopped there. I always wanted to wear more makeup, but my dry and sensitive skin meant that everything I tried left my skin irritated and red 🙈 And while I know that true beauty lies within (and all that jazz 🙃) I was still always envious of my friends perfectly done faces ❤❤

All that changed at the end of last year when my sister hosted a social for and then became a consultant of Beautycounter. Beautycounter is a clean skincare company that is revolutionizing the skincare industry with their products. While I instantly loved their mission, I wanted to really try their stuff before recommending things here. I have been slowly building my makeup&skincare collection over the past 6 months AND….I have yet to meet a product I haven’t loved.

Ready to shop??

For the next week, I am hosting an online social for you all here: If you decide to make a purchase, make sure to select “BrewCityMama Social” BONUS: If you spend $125, you get a sunscreen package free *and* anyone who makes a purchase through my social will also be entered into a giveaway for sugar bodyscrub!

My Faves

Without further ado, here the products I use every. darn. day.

Skincare Routine

With how dry my skin is, I would have never thought to use Beautycounter’s line for combination skin – Countermatch. However, it works like magic to keep my face super hydrated without being greasy. I use the serum when just after washing then the moisturizer before putting on makeup!

Serum: Countermatch Intense Moisture Serum

Face Moisturizer: Countermatch Moisturizer


With two littles, I need a makeup routine that is easy and quick. These handful of products provide just that!

Concealer Pen: Touch Up Skin Concealer Pen

Eyeliner: Color Outline Eye Pencil

Mascara: Volumizing Mascara

Eyebrow Pencil: Color Define Brow Pencil

Eyeshadow: Velvet Eyeshadow Palette (perfect everyday colors!)

Blush: Powder Blush Duo (on super sale!)

Not pictured:


Everyday Light Coverage: Tinted Moisturizer

Special Occasion Full Coverage: Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation

Lipstick: Sheer Lipstick (soft as butter!!)

For Baby

Beautycounter has quite a few kids products, but so far I have only used two on my kids. Charlie unfortunately has my sensitive skin, so she really needs clean products. Both products have been great:

Baby oil: Baby Soothing Oil (This is great for eczema and dry spots!)

Baby Balm: Baby Daily Protective Balm


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Holiday Gift Guide: Husband Edition

This year for Christmas I already have an “experience” gift planned for Tim to a sporting event that we want to attend. I also have a few little items for him that I can’t share here because he reads the blog 🙂 However, I wanted to share some gifts I have given him on recent occasions or that he knows he is getting this year. I called it the husband edition but these gifts would be great for all the men in your life!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Toddler Edition

I am SO excited for Christmas with Charlotte now that she is old enough to really understand gifts. We don’t like to spend too much on gifts for her because she is 1) spoiled well loved by our family and friends and 2) we like to put money into her college account.  That being said, there is nothing better than watching a child’s joy opening presents, so I have done a ton of research to find great options for Charlotte for Christmas morning that won’t break the bank. I thought I would share some of my research with you all.

She already has the first item, but it is such a great toy that I wanted to share it all with you!  I hope your kiddos/nieces/nephews/etc. enjoy these fun items!

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Bumpdate #2

I had big intentions of posting bumpdates throughout this pregnancy to track my journey. Then life happened, and I here I am nearing the finish line with my last update given at 15 weeks. Oops!! I decided to focus this update on responding to questions I often get on this pregnancy. I have lots of fun posts written on motherhood, family travel, food, etc. and I’m really hoping to get better at posting and sharing them, along with posts as we navigate life with Baby J 2.0. Happy Reading!

(From left to right: 24 weeks, 30 weeks, 36 weeks)

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