Bumpdate #1

I’m hoping to post updates every few weeks of how the pregnancy is going. I want to be open and share my experiences, and I also want to use this as a journal to remember the pregnancy. Pregnancy (and even once the baby arrives) literally FLIES by, and without writing things down, everything blends together and it’s impossible to remember how things were at certain points in time. Here is my first update, which encompasses everything about this pregnancy so far!

HOW FAR ALONG: 15 weeks!

HOW WE FOUND OUT: We always knew that (God willing) we wanted multiple kids. So, right around Charlotte’s first birthday, we started more seriously talking about expanding our family. With Charlotte, we were so fortunate to conceive quickly, but I know each pregnancy can be different. So towards the end of last year, we decided we were ready to try for #2! Fast forward to the first week of February, and I woke up early the morning I knew I could first take a pregnancy test (and expect to get a positive result). Tim was sleeping, so I snuck into the bathroom and took the test. The second pink line came back pretty quickly and I was SO excited. It was still so early in the morning though, so I went and laid back in bed and tried not to wake Tim because I had a plan! I could barely stand the excitement and nerves while lying there. The anticipation was killing me!

TELLING TIM: A couple months earlier, when Tim was out of town, I had bought a big sister shirt for Charlotte, just hoping that I would get to use it soon. So that morning, I laid in bed waiting for Charlotte to wake up to put her new shirt on her 🙂 When she woke up, I popped out of bed and got her dressed. We came back in after she was dressed and woke up Tim. He almost instantly realized her shirt was new and read it out loud. I think it took a minute for him to process, but he was pretty darn excited! It’s funny that something we were planning for and wanting so badly, can still come as such a shock! It was still so early, but we were so grateful we had another blessing growing inside me.

TELLING FAMILY: I had originally planned to share our news really early. I feel so strongly that each baby is such a gift, that I didn’t want to wait the normal 12 weeks to share the news. After all, each baby is His and not ours, so we really never know what will happen with our sweet babies – we need to just celebrate every moment of every life!! But, in this case, real life got in the way of sharing our news. We of course wanted to tell our parents first. We live close to my parents and were getting dinner with them that next week for my Mom’s birthday, so we shared the news then. Let’s be honest, they would have known instantly when we went to dinner (post-Whole30) and I wasn’t up for wine with my Dad 🙂 I loved telling my parents to have them for support and prayers in those early weeks. We then worked to plan on telling Tim’s parents. They live in a different state, so we were trying to figure out when we might see them in person next. Time passed, and we kept our little baby a secret until we could figure out when to tell them. In March, it became apparent that we wouldn’t see them until Easter weekend, so we decided to tell them over Skype with Charlie and her special t-shirt. It was fun watching them realize what was happening. Even though we didn’t get to tell them in person, it was still really special and was exciting to share our news.

We then went about telling our siblings, and due to some traveling and schedules, we finally got to tell Tim’s brother Easter weekend. After that, we’ve been free to scream our news from the rooftops. It has been so fun telling everyone we love about our growing family.

GENDER: We decided not to find out the gender when we were pregnant with Charlotte, and we are going to do the same this time. It’s the ultimate surprise, and one of the very few things in life we can be truly surprised with. We cannot wait for October to find out if Charlotte will have a baby brother or sister <3

SICKNESS: The first trimester was full of nausea, sickness and major food aversions. It was quite different than my experience with Charlie’s pregnancy! I was always very tired during that first trimester, but getting physically ill was a new experience for me. I also struggled with a lot of fainting/dizziness, I think because it was so hard to get nourishment in the mornings. I am still working through that, but have tried to get hydration and food asap after waking up! The last couple weeks have been a HUGE improvement, and I can’t wait for that second trimester energy to kick in any day now….(fingers crossed!)

CRAVINGS: For the first couple months after finding out, it was extremely challenging to find things that sounded appealing. After just completing a January Whole30, I had gone 30 days with no baked goods or processed carbs. That was not going to last for the first trimester. The only thing that sounded remotely appetizing for breakfast was gluten free bagels and cream cheese. I went through a lot of them. I also became obsessed with gluten free avocado sushi + tamari (gluten free soy sauce) from a local thai restaurant. I went through a few weeks where I would get it multiple times a week for lunch because it was the only thing that sounded good. Now that I am getting my full appetite back, I am back to a mostly well rounded diet, but I think the avocado sushi is here to stay. We even got this amazing sushi making kit off Amazon and have had great luck already making it home.

AVERSIONS: Chicken, most healthy things. It was just so hard to find things that sounded good when it came to meal time. Tim was a trouper dealing with me changing my mind all the time about what I wanted him to make or pick up. Thankfully, I am back to wanting more of the clean pre-pregnancy food we used to eat regularly.

PHYSICAL CHANGES: I am still in that phase where it just looks like I’ve eaten too much, rather than a cute bump. BUT, it is definitely true what they say about showing earlier with the second baby and I am so excited to grow. Last pregnancy, I was self-conscious about how big my belly got and the amount of weight I gained, even though I was working out and conscious about what I was eating. I just seemed to keep getting HUGE. (And it doesn’t help that so many people want to comment on your body when pregnant….) But then, seeing the amazing miracle of birth and a new baby put everything into perspective. I also got to see the benefits of the efforts I made during pregnancy as most of the weight and belly disappeared right away. Armed with this knowledge, I am trying not to care at all about my size this pregnancy – bring on that belly! I know that I will gain and grow the exact amount my baby needs.

EXERCISE: I had committed to running the Indianapolis Mini (half) Marathon in early May. I had a deferral registration after I hurt my leg last year during training. I made it through the first four weeks of training in January/February before the sickness and fainting of the first trimester got the best of me. I decided to switch to the 5k for that race, a much more attainable distance. Now that I am feeling better, I also purchase Good for the Swole’s prenatal workout plan. I just know how much staying active helped last time with pregnancy, labor/delivery and postpartum recovery, so I am eager to get back on track now.

That’s all I have for now. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Now that I am feeling better, with a little more energy, I will try to post more frequently on the blog – including more frequent pregnancy updates. If there are any topics you’d like to see my post on, please let me know!

Have a great weekend!!!



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